Miami Shakerettes

The Shakerettes Dance Team takes pride in being Miami's oldest spirit group, established in 1955. The group is part of Redhawk Athletic entertainment, performing at football games, men and women basketball games and at other campus events.

Shakerette Alumni:

Alumni from the 2014-2015 Team 

Megan Dame

Alex Landis

Christina Palmer

Megan Valerio 

Alumni from the 2013-2014 Squad

Nancy Tremaglio 

Carli Williams

Alumni from the 2012-2013 Squad

 Amelia Williamson
Chloe Ladd
Molly Zilis
Maeve Andrews

Alumni from the 2011-2012 Squad

 Alumni from the 2010-2011 Squad

 Jenna Wright
Kendall Ederer
Tiffany Komendat
Courtney Fuller


Alumni from the 2009-2010 Squad

Kelsey Chartrau
Tiffany Chilicote
Erin Flinn
Karilyn Mader
Lauren Reiter
Shelly Sheldon
Jenna Stranges


Alumni from the 2008-2009 Squad

Jenny Cook
Taylor Cheney
Brittany Grecco
Holly Sue Harris
Jaclyn Langholz
Emily-Jo Levy
Mallory Rusnak
Laura Sirk
Jessica Tepas


Alumni from the 2007-2008 Squad

Austin Clyse
Brittany Gagel
Angie Irion
Megan Kessler
Lindsay Turner
Whitney Sage


Alumni from the 2006-2007 Squad

Lauren Dowel
Aubrey Gavron
Jessica Lew
Jen Rutledge


Alumni from the 2005-2006 Squad

Ashley Brechun
Kelly Sharbaugh
Brittany Henry
Katie Klahm
Samantha Lowe
Katherine Peterson


Alumni from the 2004-2005 Squad

Karalee Eich
Kellee Marker
Kristin Murphy
Kelly Pareti


Alumni from the 2003-2004 Squad

Chelsea Clarke
Becca Downie
Amber Mcconnell
Allison Wheeler
Michelle Glasmeier
Megan Cunningan


Alumni from the 2002-2003 Squad

Christina Lewis
Alison Benya
Trisha Debiasse
Erica Nelson


Alumni from the 2001-2002 Squad

Tracie Niles
Kelly Peters
Kate Grampp
Jen Wawrznyiak
Jen Roeth
Leslie Mayer
Liz Richmond


Alumni from the 2000-2001 Squad

Kristin Gilliland
Allison Leonard
Katie Niles
Kerri Hendrikson
Amy Donohue
Rebecca DeFilippo


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